Your own private cask from Aurora Spirit distillery

Aurora Spirit now offers you the opportunity to create and follow your own personal cask of aquavit or whisky from production through maturation to final bottling, at a time of your choice.

Norwegian law prevents us from selling directly to private consumers, but can offer top quality casks for purchase. The price includes storage in our warehouse for the required period of one year (aquavit) and three years (whisky) with insurance, etc. We fill the barrels with aquavit or whisky in exchange for an interest-free loan equivalent to NOK 300 per litre. This loan is repaid to you when the content of the cask is bottled and sold to you through Vinmonopolet, the government-run wine and spirits retailer, or other legal channels.

Contact us, and we will send you the full terms and options available.


  1. You buy your cask by signing an agreement.
  2. You pay the loan (for storage) and the cask purchase.
  3. Once we have received notice of purchase, you will be recorded as cask owner. Congratulations!
  4. Your cask is filled with your choice of aquavit or whisky. We send you a certificate of ownership.
  5. The cask is stored in our warehouse. You may sample annually, follow the maturation and participate in other activities related to the distillery.
  6. After the necessary storage time, you can decide whether bottling will occur in 1, 2 or 3 stages. The bottles must be picked up at an approved place (e.g. Vinmonopolet).
  7. When the cask is empty, the loan will be reimbursed and you will pick up the bottles at an approved place. Alcohol tax, VAT and the wholesale fee is connected to each bottle withdrawal.
  8. The empty cask is yours. Take it home or fill it again.
  9. Time to enjoy your own aquavit or Whisky.

If you are interested; please contact us for full terms and options.